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Keith Ensminger
Sep 13, 2017

California Medicare webinar



Please consider joining a webinar tonight about how proposed legislation to create CA Medicare, SB 562, will enhance the business climate in California.

Reminder: Business Outreach Webinar TONIGHT!

Please remember to RSVP to join the Business Alliance for a HealthyCA tonight for their webinar training on business outreach in your area.

New Posts
  • shauge
    Jul 20, 2017

    Small Business California is always looking for ways to drive down the cost of health insurance. To that end, we are supporting Senate Bill 538, along with the Pacific Business Group on Health[PBGH]. In the words of the fact sheet on the bill,  “the presence of monopoly power in the  California market drives up prices for employers. Unions and consumers without concurrent increases in quality and value.” “This legislation enables unions and employers to fairly contract for high-value care on behalf of employees and their families. SB 538 prohibits monopolistic practices while protecting the ability of providers groups to deliver coordinated Care.” This afternoon Lori Kammerer from Small Business California, Kristof Stemikis from PBGH and Allison Ramey from Blue Shield will be meeting with Senators Nielsen, Nguyen and Wilk to discuss this bill. See factsheet at: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/242a7d7d5374a41e90180c761/files/a06a6c13-4acf-4687-830b-3d9de63c1e89/SB_538_Fact_Sheet_3_10_17_v2.pdf
  • Keith Ensminger
    Feb 28, 2017

    The U.S. is the only industrial nation that allows for-profit health insurance companies to manage medical payments and create narrow medical networks and deny medical claims as their avenue to wealth, a business model that creates poor health outcomes for almost everyone except the wealthy and well healed. Senators Lara and Atkins sponsored SB 562 to create CA Medicare were we can see any doctor taking new patients and be admitted to any medical facility our doctors recommend with little out of pocket or the incredibly insulting MediCal requirement we remain paupers. Terrorist victims in Boston, MA face different experiences with the medical community based on their insurance or charity care while victims Nice, France will never worry about how they'll pay their doctor. We still have time to get it right and create a dignified health insurance system that allows everyone equal access to the medical community regardless of income.
  • shauge
    Mar 28, 2017

    We are just beginning to get information on new bills being introduced in this session. One that caught my eye was SB 63 by Senator Jackson. This bill will provide 12 weeks unpaid leave if an employee has 12 months of service and at least 1250 hours of service over the previous 12 month period. This would be for bonding with a new child within one year of the birth or placement. The bill would also require an employer to pay for coverage under a group health plan when the employee takes this leave. The bill would provide that it would not apply to an employee who is subject to both specified state law regarding family care and medical leave, and the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1933. I do not seem to see any exemptions for small employers. Small Business California will be closely watching this. What do you think of this bill? How would it impact your business?