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Jun 14, 2017

5 Ways Landlords Can Maximize Profits



1. Increase the Rent, but be Competitive

If you price your unit too low, you'll fill it quickly, but might miss out on thousands of dollars in rent. You need to ensure that you're correctly calculating the cost vs. revenue on each property.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Technology offers modern landlords opportunities to significantly reduce their property management overhead such as Cozy.

3. Take Advantage of All Tax Breaks

Landlords can claim all the maintenance and repair costs on their properties. You can also deduct mortgage interest as well as the costs you incurred buying your properties. Other deductible expenses include insurance, business-related travel,  and contractors.

4. Target Your Ideal Tenant

Getting the perfect tenants for your property is a triple financial bonus; you'll be able to set a higher rent and if they're suitable they are less likely to leave, saving you costs associated with vacant units and tenant turnover.

5. Install Solar Panels or  Rent Storage Space

Going Solar is an efficient way of opening up another income stream from your property. Once you've installed the solar panels, you can sell back excess energy to the grid. Your tenants will benefit from lower energy bills and as prices are predicted to keep rising, this is an advantage that could become even more attractive over time. 

To find out if you qualify for a no-money-down Solar project, request a Complimentary Solar Feasibility Study. Or, please email us at info@blueflameenergyfinance.com or give us a call at 760-615-5033.




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  • jneumann
    Jun 13, 2017

    1. Energy Savings An investment in solar offers financial returns of over 10% on average in the US right now.  2. Spiritual Ecology Solar reduces air pollution, water pollution, and the need for finite resources. How Can Temples Go Solar? The biggest challenge today for temples adopting solar is financing. Luckily, BlueFlame Energy Finance offers no-money-down, long-term financing to qualifying temples. To learn more and find out how much money you could save, get a Complimentary Solar Feasibility Study . Or, please email us at info@blueflameenergyfinance.com or give us a call at 760-615-5033. To learn more about BlueFlame Energy Finance, please go to blueflameenergyfinance.com.
  • jneumann
    Jun 12, 2017

    As electricity rates continue to rise while solar prices fall, more hotels are turning to solar power to reduce energy costs. Hotels spend about $2,196 per room annually on energy alone. Hotels are eager to not only reduce their electricity costs, but also satisfy the increasing demands of business guests for hotels to be more sustainable.  Many hotels have invested in technology to reduce their power consumption. There's a wide range of ways to reduce a property's carbon footprint including LED lighting and more efficient kitchen and laundry equipment. For many, a solar photovoltaic system can significantly reduce energy costs with the added benefit of the system providing cooling for your building or outdoor spaces. How can hotels go Solar? The first step is to find how much solar project would save on electricity bills. Luckily, BlueFlame Energy Finance offers a complimentary solar feasibility study, so that you can find out if solar is right for you at no-cost. Complimentary Solar Feasibility Study BlueFlame Energy Finance is a Carlsbad, CA based clean energy finance company providing affordable 100% financing solutions for commercial clean energy projects. Learn more about our financing program, BluePACE, at https://www.bluepace.com/.
  • jneumann
    Jun 7, 2017

    1. Less Operating Costs LEDs use up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescents and can save schools 50% on utility costs.* 2. Longer Lasting LEDs typically last 50,000 hours or up to 25x longer than traditional incandescents.* 3. Safer LEDs are much cooler than incandescents, reducing risk of combustion and burnt fingers. LEDs are also environmentally friendly and contain no mercury. 4. Improved Concentration & Cognitive Performance A recent study by the German University, ZNL, shows that students working under biologically-optimized lighting not only achieved better results in standardized tests for concentration ability, but also increased their performance speed. Complimentary LED Lighting Quote To learn more about the benefits of LED lighting for your school, please email us at info@blueflameenergyfinance.com or give us a call at 760-615-5033.