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Scott is a leading advocate for small and medium-size businesses. He has introduced government legislation that affects business on local, state and national levels.

Scott serves on more than 10 boards and commissions. He is the founder and president of Small Business California, a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy and education group for small businesses. He is co-founder and vice president of Clinic by the Bay and on the board of advisers at Insure the Uninsured Project.

“Small Business California is a way to bring Small Business to the table on critical issues that impact Small Business owners around the state.  I'm passionate about the mission because I want to see Small Businesses succeed."  


-  Scott Hauge


Scott was named the 2007 Small Business Advocate of the Year by the National Small Business Association and the 2014 Small Business Advocate of the Year by the California Association for Micro Enterprise Opportunity.

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