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2017 Small Business Survey Closed

The results of Small Business California are in. We had over 600 respondents from around California.  The highlights of the survey were:

  • 79% of respondents defined small business as those with 50 employees or less and 96% defined small business defined those with 100 or less

  • 47 % said California is heading in the wrong direction and 29% said in the right  direction.

  • 40% said gross receipts had increased in the last year and 25% said they had decreased

  • 37% had seen an improvement in the economy in the last 6 months  and 13% have seen it as worse

  • 67% said employment  has pretty much stayed the same over  the last year with 17% seeing it increase and 16% seeing it decrease .

  • The top issues for small business were  the  rising cost of health care 85%, quality of public education 75% Repair and enhance the States Infrastructure71%,   affordable housing 68% and reducing  state taxes 61%.

  • 31% of respondents provide health insurance to their employees and 69% do not.

  • 57% favored publically funded health insurance,24% opposed  and 18% didn’t know.

  • 58% had never contacted the Governor, their Senator or their Assemblyperson.

  • 25% said Republicans best represent small business  interest and 21% felt Democrats did. 25% felt neither part represented small business.

Respondents to the survey were from almost every county in the state with only 4 counties not represented.

Thank you to  all of you that responded to our survey and helped us distribute  it. You can get the full results here: 2017 Survey results

Scott Hauge


Small Business California

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