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Health Care

SB 869

Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage Program to combat unlawfully uninsured employers who are failing to provide Worker's Compensation insurance.   We Sponsored this senate bill, and it  successfully passed in 2007.

AB 4

Medi-Cal: eligibility.  

Current law establishes the Medi-Cal program, which is administered by the State Department of Health Care Services and under which qualified low-income individuals receive health care services. The Medi-Cal program is, in part, governed and funded by federal Medicaid program provisions. Federal law prohibits payment to a state for medical assistance furnished to an alien who is not lawfully admitted for permanent residence or otherwise permanently residing in the United States under color of law. This bill would extend eligibility for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits to individuals of all ages, if otherwise eligible for those benefits, but for their immigration status. The bill would delete provisions delaying eligibility and enrollment until the director makes the determination as specified.

SB 538

Small Business California is always looking for ways to drive down the coast of health insurance. To that end, we are supported Senate Bill 538, along with the Pacific Business Group on Health[PBGH]. In the words of the fact sheet (see attached)  “The presence of monopoly power in the  California market drives up prices for employers. Unions and consumers without concurrent increases in quality and value.”

“This legislation enables unions and employers to fairly contract for high-value care on behalf of employees and their families. SB 538 prohibits monopolistic practices while protecting the ability of providers groups to deliver coordinated Care.”

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